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The Pembroke

Not that I don’t love Dublin, because I do, I really and truly do. But
it was another grey, cold, windy, rainy day and dreariness had set in. Have you ever felt, when you’re walking in Dublin city that you instantly need to be somewhere else, warm and drinking (that just me?) ok…
Coffee then, but please without the bright lights, the restless babies and harsh wooden seats of a café. Sometimes the hustle and bustle is just too much to handle when you’re feeling delicate or just want your surroundings to give you a big fat hug.

This scenario has happened upon me more often than not and I always find myself looking for somewhere I can just stop into that’s warm and snug and can fix me right up with a stiff drink or a proper coffee.

Alas my friends, I have found such a place on Pembroke Street. The Pembroke is both glamorous and quirky but most importantly cosy. As we entered there was some chilled out music in the background. I was in a more Ella Fitzgerald kinda mood that day but that’s my high maintenance self talking. Ignore her, she’s drunk!

Thankful to be in from the cold, myself and my leave me never friend sat near the window, overlooking the historic Georgian quarter and ordered a couple of coffees, which came in some cutsie little cups. The grey misery of outside began to take a step back.

The absolutely fabulous thing about this new gastro bar is that it’s open from 8am! Yes sir, why wouldn’t you grab your coffee and croissant and read your paper here or go over your emails before work. Pretend for half an hour that the office doesn’t exist.

We had already eaten, annoyingly but I
did read over the menu. One of the salads got my stomach thinking. Warm spicy chicken, avocado, rocket, red roasted pepper, onion jam and lime crème fraiche. And for the vegemetarians! grilled soft goats cheese, roasted veg, beetroot, seeds and basil pesto. I could do both of them! There was also a mention of tapas on Wednesdays.

For desserts I did a double take on a caramel and malteser Eton mess…
come on! Lots more to choose from but these offerings had spoken to me in an inappropriate manner!

As you know I am a passionate lover of all things alcoholic and their cocktail list made me feel quite satisfied in a warm and getting warmer kind of way. All the classics are here, however as it’s just after Christmas, for some reason I was feeling either I hadn’t had enough unctuous liquor or was at this point highly addicted, so it was, these three seductive concoctions got all my attention:

Espresso martini – Vodka, freshly brewed espresso, Kahlua and baileys,
“benefits of coffee with even better benefits of alcohol” – here here!

White Russian – Big Lebowski special, how can you not feel happy
drinking this. Vanilla vodka, hazelnut liqueur, milk and white chocolate. Thinkin bout that rug that really tied the room together… No? Just me again…?

Amber Spyglass – Hennessy, bison grass vodka, apple juice, angostura
bitters and cinnamon. “Perfect winter warmer” warm me all over baby.

It’s the kind of convenient, welcoming (great staff, no matter how early), and cosy kind of place I’ve been looking for for quite a while. Great quality coffees, appetizing lunches, after work drinks or just that perfect stop off while traipsing around town. It’s situated right above Dax restaurant so perfect for before or after dinner drinks too.

IMG_9189This place feels like one of those best kept secrets so get there before the masses but the table beside the fire belongs to me…

No. 23 Pembroke Street Upper. Follow them on Facebook for more info.



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