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Rhône It

It was Rhône Wine Week earlier this month and the big Rhône tasting was held in the gorgeous Ely wine bar.

So many gorgeous wines to try with so many producers and importers. The team behind this event is Tyrrell & Co. Ltd. You can find them on the They specialise in wines from the Rhône valley but also have wines from the rest of France and Spain. I have always been a huge fan of Northern Rhône wines and if you are ever looking for great examples from this region then get on to their website, they offer some absolutely fantastic bottles.

If you like your wines and are looking for something to knock your socks off this Christmas or looking to find the perfect bottle for that special wine lover in your life look no further..

My top two on the night came from Tyrell & Co. They were also from the same producer –

Domaine M. Et S. Ogier d’Ampuis (Northern Rhône)


Viognier ‘La Rosine’ 2012 €30
Made with 100% Viognier. 2/3 barrel fermentation. On tasting this white wine I had one of those outer body experiences. Ok maybe a bit dramatic but it certainly gave me a few moments of absolute pleasure. All of a sudden there was no one in the crowded room just me and this wine!… Great minerality on the nose, didn’t expect such vibrant fruits on tasting. I felt I was was enveloped in a bubble of pineapple, citrus, apricots and melon. Medium bodied with a honey ladened mouthfeel. Luscious wine. Definitely on my Christmas list.

Côte-Rotie 2010, Domaine M. Et S. Ogier d’Ampuis €70


Yes this is a bit pricey but the wine lover in your life would want it! This fantastic wine delivers fruit flavours of blackberries, cherries and raspberries with some woodland earthy influence. Quite an evocative taste. It almost takes me to a fairytale scene… A waft of country smoke from a little cottage chimney in the middle of a damp pine forest at dusk (if you will) … Imagine how that would taste in a glass with a touch of black pepper and sweet oak. Though it gives the impression of quite an intense bold wine, there is so much elegance and charm. It has a long, rich finish and although it is heavenly drinking now, it will age well for a few years yet.

This Christmas I will be raising a glass to Michel & Stephane Ogier… Cheers!


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