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Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico hasn’t a great reputation but perhaps it’s misunderstood. It has a deep ruby red colour, spicy cherry nose and a dry herbaceous savoury taste.. It’s rustic and from the heart. It’s not ashamed and doesn’t pretend to be all perfume and seduction.. It’s an honest serious wine. At its peak the ultimate flavour desired from a Chianti Classico is strong tea! This Sangiovese is a lover of all hearty classic dishes. The ultimate food wine. Give it a try this Autumn with your flavourful dishes.. stews, meatballs even pizza.

The gallo nero symbol dates back into antiquity. Two cities, Florence and Siena were growing weary of never ending warfare and decided to settle their boundary dispute by means of a contest. When the morning cock crowed a horseman would ride towards the other city, and where the two riders met would be the border.
Siena chose a healthy white cock, pampered and fed it up in preparation for the contest. Florence picked a scrawny ill-fed black cock. The black cock woke hungry before the sun rose and crowed while the white cock was still soundly sleeping. The Florentine rider got to ten miles of Siena before meeting their rider. Thus the boundaries were drawn and Chianti became part of the Florence Republic.



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